Taking time to stop and embrace the beauty of life is such a blessing. To absorb the essence of life in every breath. To embrace the good and bad that comes and accept it all as it’s intended. Lessons, hurdles, fall backs, and joy. It all is so beautiful when you see the divine connectionContinue reading “.thankful”


.invisible tears

The unseen scars that are left behind Are usually hiding beneath the skin Deep within they build and breed You think they are healed Until they rip and bleed… Soft spoken words Disguise the pain she hides inside A smile or joke or a quiet little laugh You think she is happy But she isContinue reading “.invisible tears”

.in my life

I listen to the words of one of my favorite songs by the Beatles, In My Life, and it breaks my heart. I love people. I’ve loved some more than others. And I’ve loved one more than anything… I’ve trusted and been let down. I’ve worn the rose colored glasses and practically worshiped the manContinue reading “.in my life”

.thinking out loud

As I sit and ponder… my world around me seems to disappear. Perhaps I live in my head the way I’m often accused. Perhaps my mind is determined to see beyond the mundane reality we call our own. Even though it is only mundane because we choose to overlook the magnitude of beauty hidden withinContinue reading “.thinking out loud”

.building me

I need strength and clarity I need hope for sanity Through this restless storm The rain clouds begin to form Hoping that tomorrow brings What yesterday has failed to see The burden of what I have done The choices & actions & the way I run… An endless path of frustration Taking a chance toContinue reading “.building me”

.for my children

I love you more with every day Your little souls wrapped around mine I love you more than I love myself I’ve loved you since the beginning of time… Your tiny hands, slowly they grew Every day your beautiful spirits create something new.. I thought I would be the one to teach you The oneContinue reading “.for my children”

.who you choose to be

If you’re looking down at someone it had better be to help them get up… Nothing irks me more than the callous eyes that lay a warm blanket of predetermined judgement on someone they know nothing about. But what does judging mean? It’s human nature to feel, observe and act accordingly to the people aroundContinue reading “.who you choose to be”

.highway to nowhere

People think I’m a drifter strolling down the highway of life looking for quick pick me ups to erase all of my strife… But my journey just beginning with every ride I hitch the curves and twists never ending there is no volume button or on and off switch… There are times I wish IContinue reading “.highway to nowhere”

.knowing when to stop

love is a drug that you can’t dabble in. it’s highly addictive. and often destructive to the creature who carries it. As a highly sensitive person I’ve experienced great emotional connections that at the time were explosive inside creating a cosmic balance that seemed un-earthly. I’m a gentle soul and often quiet, also highly expressive,Continue reading “.knowing when to stop”