.baby blues


Your mouth is moving

But your eyes say so much more

I’m hearing words

But they fall right to the floor

It doesn’t take much to see through your facade

Your smile is sweet

But your touch feels odd

I pray that you don’t feel the need

To mask your insecurities from the one that you see

I’m standing here with my guard down

Inviting you to stay and lay…

Everything out

Just open up

And be true To you

Baby, let’s play the blues

Of our stories and fears

Our failures and tears

It’s okay to be scared

But don’t you even dare…

To think that I will judge

Or be harsh or unfair

Let me in baby

Let me see who you are

Where you’ve been is part of you

A part that I want to share

Let’s sing the blues, baby

Just you and me

Let’s sing the blues, baby

Let’s set ourselves free


.who you choose to be


If you’re looking down at someone it had better be to help them get up…
Nothing irks me more than the callous eyes that lay a warm blanket of predetermined judgement on someone they know nothing about.
But what does judging mean?
It’s human nature to feel, observe and act accordingly to the people around you.
Judging to me means to treat someone differently than another because you don’t agree with something they do, are or have done. As if you have a right.

All of the great prophets and religious leaders teach the art of judging yourself before you do others….

Here’s a theory I like…. absorb what people have to offer. Accept it, embrace it, chew on it for a bit, then keep it to yourself. Don’t hand out unsolicited advice. Don’t treat them poorly or harshly because they have different views than you. Just let it be. Nothing more. Smile at the beauty of individualism, offer your support when it’s needed or asked for. And lift people up.
We all have a story. We shouldn’t be afraid to share it. We shouldn’t hide behind our imperfections. We shouldn’t fear isolation because we walk a different way.

Its simple knowledge. My son, who was 6 at the time taught me that I had done an awesome job at being a mom when he told me that he ended a fight in school between a Buddhist and a Christian (himself) by telling the other child that God speaks to people in anyway they need it. He appears to them that way too. Its the same God. With the same love. He just looks and sounds different to different people. There is no right or wrong way to love him. They ended up becoming best of friends.
I’ve never been prouder.

So love. Lift up the ones you love. Brighten someone’s day. Teach acceptance. Embrace love. And watch how your world will change.