.no more


In my mind a thutter tore
With wind in hand she held galore
My tormented mind now questioning why
My rattled heart knows not I;
Pressing against my heavy thumping chest
The cool wind shattered any tangled thoughts that could ever exist
Dark and heavy she often swings
But cold and clear she makes her way in
Questioning how or why it is I;
The heavens brushing up against my naked thigh.
A gentle touch, she embraces my mind
A reckless craving that so passionately protrudes
Fiery adoration from her dark mysterious eyes…. She intrudes
Warm and soft her scent will linger
The trail from her lips left me craving for more;
This muse, this divine, she is all I adore.
As quick as she came is as quick as she left.
Wilted and mourning, my heart left undone
She is gone. No more will my passion be cured….
Her weightless wings and the breeze she brought with;
All have left… She disappeared into the mist
-Jane Fox ©



.invisible tears


The unseen scars that are left behind
Are usually hiding beneath the skin
Deep within they build and breed
You think they are healed
Until they rip and bleed…

Soft spoken words
Disguise the pain she hides inside
A smile or joke or a quiet little laugh
You think she is happy
But she is dying inside…

She thinks she is strong
But she is not strong enough…
She gathers the pieces
And forms them into love

Her heart so distorted from the many
Snags and tears
She fills her mind with wonders
On dreams she won’t ever share…

Her wounds wide open
A smile upon her face
And with each tomorrow
She warmly welcomes her next mistake…

-Jane Fox