.reasons for your smile

An ode to the little boy who changed my life, my little chapulin. Reasons for your smile Sunday sun came without warning I didn’t know just what to do… When I think of all the places And spaces when time stood still All of the faces that I thought I knew… And then I hadContinue reading “.reasons for your smile”


.running with scissors

As mother’s day approaches I reflect on my vision of a mother. They come in all sizes, colors and at different prices.Growing up as an orphaned child within my own family is a hard reality to accept. But it is what I have. My bio mother was the one who’s roof I slept under andContinue reading “.running with scissors”

.for my children

I love you more with every day Your little souls wrapped around mine I love you more than I love myself I’ve loved you since the beginning of time… Your tiny hands, slowly they grew Every day your beautiful spirits create something new.. I thought I would be the one to teach you The oneContinue reading “.for my children”