.thinking out loud

As I sit and ponder… my world around me seems to disappear. Perhaps I live in my head the way I’m often accused. Perhaps my mind is determined to see beyond the mundane reality we call our own. Even though it is only mundane because we choose to overlook the magnitude of beauty hidden within the smallest of things that surround us.
I get frustrated with the daily routines… Working to live. Living to work… The endless cycle that society has instilled in us…
So I’m stuck in this cycle but my cycle is still my own. And I notice the small things and how they seem to grow.
Every smile from a stranger, every hug from a friend. Every snow flake that drifts more unique than the last…
The trees as they sway, the moon hidden behind the gray.

I sit and look around the room, I try to count all of the things that fascinate me and I lose track…. Its truly outstanding when you sit back and absorb. The laughs from the babies in the next room… The heat that warms me, the fire burning fiercely on it’s little wick as the wax drips down… My mere existence starts to bring a smile to my face. The air I breathe and how it raises my chest…
I don’t want to lose sight of that. I don’t want to take it all for granted. I don’t want to take all of the beautiful mysteries and accuse them of being mundane…. So what if I’m overworked, so what if I’m a little behind on bills, so what if I have to battle a blizzard to get to work, so what if I sleep alone…. When I’m on auto pilot I lose all of that… And I start to complain…
So here’s to the small things that make my heart smile. Here’s to the dreamers and drifters of the world. Absorb the beauty and find peace in it all.



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