.highway to nowhere

People think I’m a drifter
strolling down the highway of life
looking for quick pick me ups
to erase all of my strife…

But my journey just beginning
with every ride I hitch
the curves and twists never ending
there is no volume button or on and off switch…

There are times I wish I could stop
and enjoy the sweet serene
but behind every moment of calm
comes a dark, disturbed dream.

People often question
the madness I call my own
yet they keep on with their own path
leaving me all alone…

I’m on the highway to nowhere
with nothing and nobody to share
I’m on the highway to nowhere
truth is, they don’t even care…  Jane Fox©



2 thoughts on “.highway to nowhere

  1. Poigniant. I hope you find a north star or a waypoint to show you a direction! I had the same thing (multiple times) in life and you just use what is given to find or spend energy searching. Search and you will find i know…i did! Not saying i know exactly where im going but having wind in the sails is a start! I liked this poem alot


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