.invisible tears

The unseen scars that are left behind
Are usually hiding beneath the skin
Deep within they build and breed
You think they are healed
Until they rip and bleed…

Soft spoken words
Disguise the pain she hides inside
A smile or joke or a quiet little laugh
You think she is happy
But she is dying inside…

She thinks she is strong
But she is not strong enough…
She gathers the pieces
And forms them into love

Her heart so distorted from the many
Snags and tears
She fills her mind with wonders
On dreams she won’t ever share…

Her wounds wide open
A smile upon her face
And with each tomorrow
She warmly welcomes her next mistake…

-Jane Fox



2 thoughts on “.invisible tears

  1. I’ve felt this before. I had so much pain that I hid from everyone it came to the point where my smiles were not strong enough to cover it. The longer I smiled and acted like nothing hurt the worse the pain got. And I ended up completely hopeless. If I would have those feelings again I wouldn’t keep them inside again. I think that if you can be real and talk about what your dealing with it will so much easier and quicker to heal and start over. I cry when I think about it even though it was yearss ago. I cried at this poem because its just how I felt. At least I learned from it and know that I won’t ever let myself get to that point again. Love hurts


  2. We have to choose our battles. Protect our hearts and be strong enough to tear down the walls that the pain has forced us to build up. Open your mind and soul to new opportunities and forgive yourself for every time you fall back down… The process of getting back up is what makes us wiser… And stronger


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