.never had i

Never had I, a mother to guide me
Never had I, a father to teach me
Never had I, the support to grow

Alone in a battle
Fighting one’s own…
Confused at the findings
Discovering I have no home

Courage to build
What I can with what I have
But a scared little heart
Was driving me mad

An optimist mind
In this dark twisted place…
A golden rose
Upon the warm mantle place

I’m waiting for the moment
For the peace to find my soul…
A child forced to grow up
A twisted journey she travelled alone…

She was so young
When all was stripped
But she’s chosen to forgive
All they did and did not do
She’s ready to invest in something bright…
In something brand new. -Jane Fox



2 thoughts on “.never had i

  1. Perhaps….
    Perhaps a sad soul needs comfort and a home every now and then. Perhaps the sad soul needs to learn to trust so she can return the favor…
    Perhaps one day she will realize she never NEEDED those things, but will still mourn the loss of her hopes that never came true…


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