.the thin line

How can you hate someone you love so much? Can that line be crossed? I’ve always believed that hate is the absence of love, like darkness the absence of light… So tell me, if the love you have for someone turns into hate does that mean you love them less than before? You allowed hateContinue reading “.the thin line”


.losing control

My life, not so different from your own comes with happiness, sadness, love and loss… I’ve given and taken. I’ve forgiven and begged for forgiveness my self. But somehow I can’t seem to forget. The pain weighs heavy on my heart. A journey through love and anguish that never seems to end. My heart is usually worn onContinue reading “.losing control”


How silly her mind, it plays tricks on her. She wanders through life alternating her route yet never changing her pace. She survived so long that she thinks survival shouldn’t hurt anymore… but it does. She loves with all her might, she feels with all her soul, and when the tide pulls back… it opensContinue reading “.survival”


Sick of your promise of tomorrow Today is all I have Yet tear stained I stand Alone in my burdens Betrayed by my heart The lies I put faith in… The hope I had, gone… What can tomorrow bring that today does not? It was only yesterday that I cried for today… Disappointment envelopes me, withContinue reading “.tomorrow”

.it takes a village

The saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child”. But it goes much deeper in my mind. To me, it takes a village, my people, our people, to live a life. . let me explain I am a huge advocate of inner happiness, growth, and greatness. I believe we are all amazing creaturesContinue reading “.it takes a village”