.his lips were made for me

There he lay With his head upon my lap His chest rises and falls His eyes are closed His breath, the scent of honeydew He mumbles in his sleep… The love I feel, keeps me from looking away Running my fingers across his brow A tear comes to my eye The man I love IsContinue reading “.his lips were made for me”

.knowing when to stop

love is a drug that you can’t dabble in. it’s highly addictive. and often destructive to the creature who carries it. As a highly sensitive person I’ve experienced great emotional connections that at the time were explosive inside creating a cosmic balance that seemed un-earthly. I’m a gentle soul and often quiet, also highly expressive,Continue reading “.knowing when to stop”

.losing control

My life, not so different from your own comes with happiness, sadness, love and loss… I’ve given and taken. I’ve forgiven and begged for forgiveness my self. But somehow I can’t seem to forget. The pain weighs heavy on my heart. A journey through love and anguish that never seems to end. My heart is usually worn onContinue reading “.losing control”