.little girl in a big world

I often catch myself shrinking in my place. Absorbing all the organized chaos that the universe throws at me. It fascinates me how our minds are so programmed by repetition that we can get through most of our days on auto pilot and not be cognitive of our surroundings…. We end our days with aContinue reading “.little girl in a big world”

.his lips were made for me

There he lay With his head upon my lap His chest rises and falls His eyes are closed His breath, the scent of honeydew He mumbles in his sleep… The love I feel, keeps me from looking away Running my fingers across his brow A tear comes to my eye The man I love IsContinue reading “.his lips were made for me”

.in my mind

Sometimes I forget that my world is my own. I forget that others, no matter how many times or different ways I explain it can’t see or understand what my mind sees or feels. It’s a reality I have to accept because my reality is only my own. My memories, emotions and understandings all comeContinue reading “.in my mind”

.that strong little girl

There she sat with her mind in the sky When she looked down the world would pass her by But when she looked up she always seemed to stumble and fall No matter how hard or how many times she fell down… That little girl would always get back up a tad bit stronger thanContinue reading “.that strong little girl”

.thinking out loud

As I sit and ponder… my world around me seems to disappear. Perhaps I live in my head the way I’m often accused. Perhaps my mind is determined to see beyond the mundane reality we call our own. Even though it is only mundane because we choose to overlook the magnitude of beauty hidden withinContinue reading “.thinking out loud”

.building me

I need strength and clarity I need hope for sanity Through this restless storm The rain clouds begin to form Hoping that tomorrow brings What yesterday has failed to see The burden of what I have done The choices & actions & the way I run… An endless path of frustration Taking a chance toContinue reading “.building me”