.little girl in a big world

I often catch myself shrinking in my place. Absorbing all the organized chaos that the universe throws at me.

It fascinates me how our minds are so programmed by repetition that we can get through most of our days on auto pilot and not be cognitive of our surroundings…. We end our days with a mush of things done.

Step outside of that zone and focus on just how many things we program ourselves to do. Our morning rituals, daily commute, our mundane jobs, our venting sessions with cohorts, the commute home and on and on….

Once I step back and I take off my blinders I see just how little I am in this big world and I see just how important each little thing that I do is. Not only to me and my existence but to yours as well. Because we are all connected.
If I stop my routine and go off the wire, it could affect you and your routine too….

Just think about it…..

I beg for more time. I pray and hope and drive myself up the wall trying rush through things in order to open up more free time to enjoy life.  But all I am really doing is throwing away the time I’ve been given assuming tomorrow will come…
My question is how to find balance and live in this very moment…
How do we stop rushing the clock?
How do we make ourselves live for the moment we exist in? Together?


2 thoughts on “.little girl in a big world

  1. I have the same problem on a daily basis. I’m always trying to free time up for the things I like. But I waste so much time making sure everything is done so I have the free time. The I my thing that works for me is to step back and breathe. Every couple of hours. See what the day is there for and remind myself that today could be the only day to enjoy life. It helps 🙂 Namaste mrs Fox!


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