As I sit back with the sun rays warming me, the birds chirping as they pass me by, the wind twirling through my hair…. I say thank you.
Thank you to the gods. Thank you to my family. Thank you to the souls who pushed me through my life to get me to this place.
It hasn’t all been fun, or exciting, but it has BEEN because it had to be.
And so I sit here and go down the list of things I’m grateful for I can’t help but smile. The good and the bad.

The beautiful souls that stood by my side even when I was at my worst, when I wasn’t very easy to stand by, the souls who showed me love, unconditionally. They, and one in particular, showed me how to love myself even when I couldn’t stand the sound of my own name….
Thank god for them, for him.
Because I’m here now and the birds sing their songs for me. The wind guides me to the sky, the love fills my soul and now I feel like I can fly.

Everything has a reason, everything has a purpose, everything plays it’s part in the big beautiful plan.

All the small things add up. And they all build up to now. Not tomorrow or next year when you assume things will fall into place. They build up for right now. Right now.

Step back and look at the world around you. Look at your fingers and your toes, realize the miracles you act out every single day. YOU are the plan. YOU are the reason. WE are all in this together as extensions of the universe. All playing our own role.

Breathe in this life and don’t let a moment of it go to waste.



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