.in my mind

Sometimes I forget that my world is my own. I forget that others, no matter how many times or different ways I explain it can’t see or understand what my mind sees or feels.

It’s a reality I have to accept because my reality is only my own. My memories, emotions and understandings all come from my own life experiences that are then veiled in my personality and character. How could anyone else possibly see things the way I do?

The best I can do is be as honest and open as possible. To be raw and real. And most importantly be understanding and conscientious of this reality.
It’s also a truth that I have to realize and accept as I try to understand another person’s reality. No matter how many times they explain it or how many different ways they paint their picture it is their reality. And so, just as I yearn to have my reality accepted I need to embrace theirs.
A lesson learned through trial and error and one that I continue to work on daily.



One thought on “.in my mind

  1. Yes! Our minds can play tug of war with our hearts and all of our senses. It’s a matter of patience and understanding. Two things not many people care to practice. But if we look at other people the way we want them to look and listen to us we can’t go wrong.

    Ms Fox your words always inspire and they are always spot on!
    Thanks for sharing! Namaste!


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