.a shared dream

“You were sleeping forever and it made me cry”, she said.

A dream that was shared ~ one here and now ~ the other in another dimension.

A quick gasp of air is what I was searching for when I awoke this morning in a room full smoke. Before my eyes opened my mind dreamt of my daughter slapping my face to wake me. My eyes opened and I jumped alert to the house on fire and my daughter two states away.
Four or five minutes from death…
My life flashed before my eyes and a new perspective had taken over me.
My daughter shared her dream a few short hours later as we spoke on the phone.
Her dream matched mine and she woke me up from a nightmare I never would have escaped….
A miracle in my eyes. A coincidence in others. Good luck or perfect timing is what you might think….
But I see two souls that are so soundly in tune that they protect each other no matter the distance between them. That’s love. That’s a real bond. That’s the beauty of life, love and a cosmic balance.



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