Love, I have found you. You are everything I thought you could never be. You are everything I never thought I would have. Love, dance with me. Live in color and grow like the beautiful flowers that surround us; against all odds I found you. All will be right, dancing like water with the light. You are all I ever dreamed you to be.



How silly her mind, it plays tricks on her. She wanders through life alternating her route yet never changing her pace. She survived so long that she thinks survival shouldn’t hurt anymore… but it does.
She loves with all her might, she feels with all her soul, and when the tide pulls back… it opens up the night for her. Consuming her hopes and dreams of light and launching them into time. Creating reality from the stardust she dreams, offering every soul a home.
She is beautiful in the way she loves. She is soft, she is pure, she is alive.