.losing control

My life, not so different from your own comes with happiness, sadness, love and loss… I’ve given and taken. I’ve forgiven and begged for forgiveness my self. But somehow I can’t seem to forget. The pain weighs heavy on my heart. A journey through love and anguish that never seems to end. My heart is usually worn on my sleeve and my emotions overwhelming the people they encompass. After handing my heart to the one I thought would protect it I was left alone with my heart in pieces on the ground…. It torments me and creates an undoubtedly gloomy cloud that hovers over my soul. How can I trust anyone when I’ve lost my best friend? How can I open my heart when it’s in so many pieces….

rather than bottle it up… I’ll write it down.

Sinking ship

The underside of the lightly scented air
Is heavy with gloom and despair
Creeping in on all who seek
Something better than what you would normally think
Ravaging through the journey unknown

Like a sea of rock, pebble and stone
Surrounded by others but always alone
Broken down children who were forced to be grown
A magnitude of facets lighting up the dark sky

Giving hope to all idiots who continue to try
To make sense of this life and the things that come with
The boat is sinking and we need to jump ship
Before we are pulled down to a bottomless pit

What will we have left when there is nothing left to give?
It’s time to make big choices in the ways that we love and live. – Jane Fox ©


4 thoughts on “.losing control

  1. Your words reach into my soul and make sense of my thoughts! You have an amazing way with words. Thank you for sharing with the world.
    A new and loving fan


  2. Perhaps it is within ourselves that we need to seek the answers as to why love crumbles and fades away. Which action or series/ lack of actions dissolved what was once whole?
    Sometimes love remains but it is not enough to heal the hurt.
    Such is the mystery of what love truly is.


  3. As love dwindles your mind can find a million reasons as to why. Both in ourselves and in the other party. Accepting the responsibilities that are your own is part of the healing process but it still doesn’t mend a broken heart. You could take all of the responsibility for a failed love and still walk away in pieces.
    The only silver lining to a lost love is the experience of passion, of selflessness, and in some instances ecstasy. Those feelings, memories and experiences will stay with you forever no matter how far the love eventually fades from you… love is work of art all on it’s own.


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