.the thin line

How can you hate someone you love so much?
Can that line be crossed?
I’ve always believed that hate is the absence of love, like darkness the absence of light…
So tell me, if the love you have for someone turns into hate does that mean you love them less than before?
You allowed hate to seep in and fill the empty spaces?
Or can we hate the one we love because we love them so much?

The heart is a scary thing that leads us to scary places. The mind tries to stop it by making it second guess. So the battle begins and the winner predicts the rest.
Do you follow your heart and risk it all even when you know that it won’t last?
To a place where pain is the ultimate ending…

Or do you listen to that little voice that tells you to keep your feet planted firmly and let that hate seep in? Does it mean you love less? Does it truly mean you hate?
Or is it just the way we learn to walk away? Needing someone to blame, convincing ourselves it wasn’t real.
That thin line between love and hate isn’t always straight. It comes and goes, it swivels and swirls, and it knocks you off your feet.
Make your choice, find peace with it, learn to jump rope or just let yourself give in. But either way your choices are yours. Make yourself vulnerable or build up your stony walls.
But when you do, do it with all you have and give it all of you.



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