.it takes a village

The saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child”. But it goes much deeper in my mind. To me, it takes a village, my people, our people, to live a life.

. let me explain

I am a huge advocate of inner happiness, growth, and greatness. I believe we are all amazing creatures that travel through time and space and have very important reasons for being where we are and who we are at all times. We need to love ourselves and trust in ourselves to be the best beings we can be. However, I also believe that we need our people. I need my people, my family, my tribe.
My people are the ones who pick me up when I fall apart, the ones I help when they are crumbling. When one of us fall the others are there to catch them. When one of us thrive the others are cheering them on. We thrive on love.

When we surround ourselves with the beautiful people we call our own, we find strength to be true to ourselves, to be brave… to be happy being perfectly imperfect. In this strength, I believe we become better versions of ourselves.

I’m far from perfect, in fact I’m pretty much a body made up of flaws sewn together. My trials and tribulations have made me who I am. They have taught me what I can be, who I don’t want to be, and what I can offer others…. My tribe sees that and they are ok with me just being me. Even if the only thing I can offer them is a smile.
It takes a village (tribe) to get through this journey we call life as happily, gracefully, and courageously as we can.
No matter how independent you are…. the moment you recognize your tribe members, you will feel more at home than ever before. Don’t take them for granted. Don’t forget who you are and what you are here for. Find it. Live it out. And love your people!!

. enjoy life


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