.she found strength

.her superman

she found strength in him. in his eyes. in his scent. in his breath. in his touch. he might not have been perfect. but he was her hero. – Jane Fox


3 thoughts on “.she found strength

  1. Love is a crazy thing… it can build you up and tear you down just as quickly… the important part is to hold on to the beautiful moments. Cherish those. Never forget them.
    I’ve been told and I’ve experienced that love can and most likely will change but the memories don’t.


  2. If you painted this for your lover that you mention in your poem then you are indeed crazy to let him go. That is, if you know for sure that he loves you. If he no longer does , you can’t do anything about it. But if you have a chance, any chance, girl do it. Any woman who finds her Superman has been blessed. Because it is not just about him but about what he sees in you that makes you make him who he is. I hope that makes sense. Superman would be nothing if the world didn’t need him. You are his world, his motiviation to be Superman.

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  3. Amen to that!
    My superman can still be my superman with a relationship title. WE can’t work. Its just not possible anymore, but that hero of mine will always be just that.


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