.escalate your mind

High tide Purple mountain Revolution pride… Dirty water Smokey skies Transcending into time… Walking through the rivers Elevating minds Take the time to escalate All it is you find Lonely sidewalks sliding They all know my name Traveled on before hand… In this never ending game Roaring waters pushing Bouncing back in time Crimson cloudsContinue reading “.escalate your mind”


.child of mine

Where’s the heart in me that made the one in you so strong? I know you’ve got my mind… And you’ve got my sense of time… But something skipped from me, You’re stronger than I could ever be… You’re a much better version of the me that you see… Child of mine, You walk andContinue reading “.child of mine”


As humans we strive for bonds, for personal relationships. It’s in our nature to want to be part of a tribe or community. And as a result of the constant crave for a connection with someone, even from a distance, we run into heartache. Not just from failed attempts at love… But from failed attemptsContinue reading “.bonds”

.it takes a village

The saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child”. But it goes much deeper in my mind. To me, it takes a village, my people, our people, to live a life. . let me explain I am a huge advocate of inner happiness, growth, and greatness. I believe we are all amazing creaturesContinue reading “.it takes a village”