.escalate your mind


High tide
Purple mountain
Revolution pride…
Dirty water
Smokey skies
Transcending into time…
Walking through the rivers
Elevating minds
Take the time to escalate
All it is you find

Lonely sidewalks sliding
They all know my name
Traveled on before hand…
In this never ending game
Roaring waters pushing
Bouncing back in time

Crimson clouds
Passion that seeps
Bones that ache
And feet that break…
The heavy load you’ve carried
About all you can take

Don’t lose faith in what you don’t know
Don’t hold back…
Let yourself grow
Expand your mind
Your soul, divine
Illuminate the darkness
That has crept in over time…


.child of mine


Where’s the heart in me that made the one in you so strong?
I know you’ve got my mind…
And you’ve got my sense of time…
But something skipped from me,
You’re stronger than I could ever be…
You’re a much better version of the me that you see…

Child of mine,
You walk and talk the same way as I
Your eyes, full of mystery, more than what fills the bright night sky…
Child of mine please don’t cry
When I’m not there to wipe your tears…
When I’m not there to shelter you from your fears…

Sweet spirit, know your worth
You are made of stardust and light
A soul so beautiful
A soul so bright…
Know that I am with you
Even when I am not…
Never fear the distance
Never embrace the pain…
Someday soon we will be where we need to be once again.




Happy holidays! We say…..

Not always happy, but holidays they are.  The memories and stories I have are endless… Good and bad. Ones that make me laugh. Ones that make me cry. Ones that make me question what in the heavens I was thinking… But the memories stand out on the holidays compared to any other day. Society has created a culture that makes these days more important than the others… And our expectations have embraced that mentality which leads to an increase in depression during the holiday season because those expectations are not being met.
But, each holiday is really just another day. We have to understand that. At least those of us who struggle do.
Many of us have an empty chair at the table, an absence in our hearts and a picture in our minds of how it would be if that person(s) were there. We feel somber when we try to be jolly like everyone else; when we try to ignore the pain that our hearts feel.
If the expectation is dropped perhaps we won’t feel that pain anymore than we would on any other day.
When you miss someone you miss them every day. In everything you do. Because of the love and bond that you share. And that’s okay.
My point is…. Holidays can make you gloomier than normal if you let them. Don’t let them. Its just another day. And your love is still your love. You don’t have to pretend, but breathe easy knowing that it will pass just as any other day and focus on that love that you are feeling instead. Send it to them. They will feel it no matter where they are.





As humans we strive for bonds, for personal relationships. It’s in our nature to want to be part of a tribe or community. And as a result of the constant crave for a connection with someone, even from a distance, we run into heartache. Not just from failed attempts at love… But from failed attempts at trust. Trust in your fellow neighbor. In your fellow human….

To love and lose, in my opinion, is truly greater than to never have loved at all, as the saying goes… Because you have experienced what our hearts truly crave, even if it was only for a short period of time… But what about the consistent lack of decency when it comes to friendships? Or the bond between family members?
Since when did using a person to better your lack of self esteem and then trashing them when you don’t need whatever they offered you become normal?
I understand walking away from people in your life who no longer have purpose for your mission in this world or who no longer add something positive… What I’m getting at is using and abusing someone at your disposal and not just walking away but tarnishing their trust and security in even themselves.
Just because.
I’m at lack of words when it comes to this… I know most of you will say it is only normal for a narcissist… Or along those lines, but honestly, I see this behavior in so many types of people and it just baffles me….
Is it a lack of love all together? A lack of self love perhaps? I’m open for feedback here…. So tell me, why is it that people use, abuse and trample the people who have bend over backwards for them?

.it takes a village


The saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child”. But it goes much deeper in my mind. To me, it takes a village, my people, our people, to live a life.

. let me explain

I am a huge advocate of inner happiness, growth, and greatness. I believe we are all amazing creatures that travel through time and space and have very important reasons for being where we are and who we are at all times. We need to love ourselves and trust in ourselves to be the best beings we can be. However, I also believe that we need our people. I need my people, my family, my tribe.
My people are the ones who pick me up when I fall apart, the ones I help when they are crumbling. When one of us fall the others are there to catch them. When one of us thrive the others are cheering them on. We thrive on love.

When we surround ourselves with the beautiful people we call our own, we find strength to be true to ourselves, to be brave… to be happy being perfectly imperfect. In this strength, I believe we become better versions of ourselves.

I’m far from perfect, in fact I’m pretty much a body made up of flaws sewn together. My trials and tribulations have made me who I am. They have taught me what I can be, who I don’t want to be, and what I can offer others…. My tribe sees that and they are ok with me just being me. Even if the only thing I can offer them is a smile.
It takes a village (tribe) to get through this journey we call life as happily, gracefully, and courageously as we can.
No matter how independent you are…. the moment you recognize your tribe members, you will feel more at home than ever before. Don’t take them for granted. Don’t forget who you are and what you are here for. Find it. Live it out. And love your people!!

. enjoy life

.we need a tribe


I was scrolling down Facebook on my phone today when I was finally annoyed enough to start thinking about those silly quizzes that are plastered all over the pages of my friends and family.

What kind of candy bar are you?
If you were a bug what bug would you be?
Which music genre are you?
What 80’s teen movie are you?

Really? As much as I roll my eyes at these social quizzes I’m still curious to see which color of the rainbow I would be if I answered the right way.

But I question why we have such a craving to label ourselves, to find meaning behind our idiosyncrasies and find comfort in either being normal or standing out.

My first thought is that we NEED these labels because we want a sense of worth, uniqueness, and security in ourselves. And that seems like a  legitimate conclusion but then I think about why we need them so badly. Why do we need to fit into a category?
Perhaps because we find stability in it. I know that the sultry 50’s Hollywood actress I would have been won’t give me a sense of belonging, but it will allow me to feel a bond with someone. Even if I don’t know that someone.
We need people. Connections. Belonging. Even if from a distance. We crave a tribe. It’s human nature to love, care, and empathize with others.

When I am alone, which is often, I crave my people. My love. My children. My family. I want to know that they love me. That they care, even if they don’t say it. I want to know that they feel and know how they are loved and cared for. I need my tribe. But when I can’t be near them I crave a connection… a belonging. It’s why I love to love. And perhaps why we turn to the gods at our lowest times and happiest of times… because we want to share those moments with someone.
So I’ll roll my eyes the next time I see which tic tac flavor I am inside but I might answer the 8 questions and smile at the outcome… Perhaps I’ll be able to share that label with the other tic tacs out there like me 🙂
In general, we need our people. Don’t miss an opportunity to tell your people you love them. Don’t take them for granted. Its why we are here. Share the moments.