.i’ve learned how to forgive

I had a personal achievement a few weeks back. One that I had been working on/through for months, if not years. I understood the feeling but I couldn’t grasp the concept nor put it to words….. Until last week that is… A dear friend of mine asked me to elaborate on the subject… So hereContinue reading “.i’ve learned how to forgive”


As humans we strive for bonds, for personal relationships. It’s in our nature to want to be part of a tribe or community. And as a result of the constant crave for a connection with someone, even from a distance, we run into heartache. Not just from failed attempts at love… But from failed attemptsContinue reading “.bonds”

.running with scissors

As mother’s day approaches I reflect on my vision of a mother. They come in all sizes, colors and at different prices.Growing up as an orphaned child within my own family is a hard reality to accept. But it is what I have. My bio mother was the one who’s roof I slept under andContinue reading “.running with scissors”

.in my life

I listen to the words of one of my favorite songs by the Beatles, In My Life, and it breaks my heart. I love people. I’ve loved some more than others. And I’ve loved one more than anything… I’ve trusted and been let down. I’ve worn the rose colored glasses and practically worshiped the manContinue reading “.in my life”

.for my children

I love you more with every day Your little souls wrapped around mine I love you more than I love myself I’ve loved you since the beginning of time… Your tiny hands, slowly they grew Every day your beautiful spirits create something new.. I thought I would be the one to teach you The oneContinue reading “.for my children”