.what I carry inside

It’s 6 o’clock on a Sunday And the rain comes pouring down The memories of what was and is Always seem to get me down I look beyond for a brand new hope But my mind plays tricks on me And when I think I’ve got it all figured out Reality kindly greets me OnceContinue reading “.what I carry inside”

.his lips were made for me

There he lay With his head upon my lap His chest rises and falls His eyes are closed His breath, the scent of honeydew He mumbles in his sleep… The love I feel, keeps me from looking away Running my fingers across his brow A tear comes to my eye The man I love IsContinue reading “.his lips were made for me”


When I see people struggling through their battles I can’t contain my empathy well. I want to scoop them up and wash away their worries. I want to love and make those that I love feel loved and respected and cherished. I want them to know that although I can’t wash away their stresses thatContinue reading “.struggles”