Love, I have found you. You are everything I thought you could never be. You are everything I never thought I would have. Love, dance with me. Live in color and grow like the beautiful flowers that surround us; against all odds I found you. All will be right, dancing like water with the light. You are all I ever dreamed you to be.


.the flavor of you



You are my favorite flavor
The way your love tastes
Will you ever remember the feeling of my tight embrace?
I crave you like a dying flower craves the warmth of the sun
The scent of you lingers in my mind
How close to reality
As if you were still mine

Every day without you
Like a thousand on the way
Your smile brought shivers
But your kisses, even more

Can you please remember
The taste of my supple skin
Don’t you want to feel it
Don’t you want back in?

Come a little closer…
Let your lips meet mine
Let me remind you of the heaven
That has no need for time

Just you and me
Lost in a beautiful steamy sea
Brush up against me
Let me make you mine

If heaven had a flavor
It would be named after you
If I could pick a heaven
It would be anywhere with you
-Jane Fox ©