When I see people struggling through their battles I can’t contain my empathy well. I want to scoop them up and wash away their worries.
I want to love and make those that I love feel loved and respected and cherished. I want them to know that although I can’t wash away their stresses that they can bet their behind that I’ll stand next to them and find a way to get them through. I’ll stand behind them to catch them when they fall. I’ll stand in front of them to take the brunt of the next hit. I’ll be on the ground picking up their broken pieces and the first one to start mending those broken pieces into something beautiful again.  I want them to know that they can trust me. That they can lean on me. And that they can call me home.
Everyone needs a home. And sometimes a home is within someone else, not a physical structure.

I have faith and hope in tomorrow. All I long for is to help others find that light too. Mistakes of the past and short comings are lessons. They don’t label us. Tomorrow is always new day.

-Stand up

My darling your eyes say it all
The world you built beginning to fall
The hope you had is no longer
found in the near tomorrow…
And slowly your smile begins to fade
Your chest rises and falls
Your path is one you’ve made
And so you blame yourself…

But you don’t see what I can see
The beauty within your tears
Full of love and full of strength
Every memory and regret now slides down your cheek

You are not a failure
Your life has just begun
With everyday a new chance
A lifetime of memories in a single glance.
You try to forget, but forget them not!
My Love, find strength in hope
And never lose sight
Of the beautiful fire you carry inside

Through thick and thin
You’ve broken through
Nothing will ever stop you

Shine bright, my star
You are not alone
Shine bright, my moon
You are the writer, it’s time to create your own tune
-Jane Fox ©


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