Happy holidays! We say…..

Not always happy, but holidays they are.  The memories and stories I have are endless… Good and bad. Ones that make me laugh. Ones that make me cry. Ones that make me question what in the heavens I was thinking… But the memories stand out on the holidays compared to any other day. Society has created a culture that makes these days more important than the others… And our expectations have embraced that mentality which leads to an increase in depression during the holiday season because those expectations are not being met.
But, each holiday is really just another day. We have to understand that. At least those of us who struggle do.
Many of us have an empty chair at the table, an absence in our hearts and a picture in our minds of how it would be if that person(s) were there. We feel somber when we try to be jolly like everyone else; when we try to ignore the pain that our hearts feel.
If the expectation is dropped perhaps we won’t feel that pain anymore than we would on any other day.
When you miss someone you miss them every day. In everything you do. Because of the love and bond that you share. And that’s okay.
My point is…. Holidays can make you gloomier than normal if you let them. Don’t let them. Its just another day. And your love is still your love. You don’t have to pretend, but breathe easy knowing that it will pass just as any other day and focus on that love that you are feeling instead. Send it to them. They will feel it no matter where they are.



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  1. Perspective is the only thing you can change about a situation. Over the past few weeks I’ve learned that about myself and I’m reading all your posts. Still one of your biggest fans, Jane! Thanks for sharing your insight. I’m sure you have helped more than me but I for sure know that you have helped me to see things differently and to be inspired. Merry Christmas to you and happy New year. God be with you.


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