.child of mine

Where’s the heart in me that made the one in you so strong?
I know you’ve got my mind…
And you’ve got my sense of time…
But something skipped from me,
You’re stronger than I could ever be…
You’re a much better version of the me that you see…

Child of mine,
You walk and talk the same way as I
Your eyes, full of mystery, more than what fills the bright night sky…
Child of mine please don’t cry
When I’m not there to wipe your tears…
When I’m not there to shelter you from your fears…

Sweet spirit, know your worth
You are made of stardust and light
A soul so beautiful
A soul so bright…
Know that I am with you
Even when I am not…
Never fear the distance
Never embrace the pain…
Someday soon we will be where we need to be once again.



2 thoughts on “.child of mine

  1. If she is half as beautiful as you are on the inside then she will shine ever so brightly! You have a beautiful bond. Namaste Miss Fox


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