.Not a day less


From ever to ever leads to forever
Not a day less will do
We spend so much time being there for others
But I will not leave my forever alone
I have finally found my forever home…

From you, I have found that the uncertainties in my life
were only moments in time…
Like a handless clock with numbers,
time is found only in my mind
But forever seems to be so real when it’s with you

My forever exists only between us two
and even though forever is from ever to ever
Not a day less, from you, will do.

For me, you are the one
Truth in love is priceless
But true love always pays a price
Yet, nothing will keep me from loving you

You are the rest, the best and the untold stories of my life
With you I have less time and more forever
Within you I can finally rest.

True love is give and take
It is sacrifice
But there is nothing that can keep me from loving you
Not rain, storm, fire or ice
Within you I have found my forever…
Never again will I be alone
Because within you I have found my forever home.





Sweet pea
Apple of my eye
The things you do to me
Make my heart sigh
Darling dear
Don’t you dare cry
We might not have a lot
But we do have time

Throughout the many years
No matter where we have been
The two of us…
Have been beyond best of friends

From here; where we go…
It’s up to you and me
From here; where we go…
It’s our soul’s destiny


.when I say I love you


When I say I love you
What do you hear?
When I say I love you
Do you think it is sincere?
When I say I love you
Do you realize what that means?

When I say I love you
It means I hold you dear
It means I’ve torn down a wall
I’ve let my boundaries fall…
When I say I love you
I’ve given a portion of myself
I’ve decided to trust in you…
When I say I love you
I need and want you to hear;

That my heart has scars
From the battles I’ve endured
That my soul has ached
And I don’t always know the
right words to say
But I love so deeply
And I love so sure
And when I say I love you
My love is deep and pure.