Blaming anyone or anything for the things that transpire in your life is a sure way to slow any kind of healing or growing both emotionally and spiritually.

BLAME gives you a reason to excuse yourself from the responsibility of the ups and downs of your life.
Not everything that has happened to you or around you is within your control but your reaction to it is. BLAME is not the answer. It takes up space in your heart and soul. Space that could and should be used to practice acceptance, understanding, empathy and most importantly forgiveness.

Peace comes when we let go of blame. When we let go of ego and pride. When we accept the past as part of our lives, not as who we are. This is how we heal.

Make room for peace by letting go of the negative. Forgive. Accept. Learn. Grow. And love.



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  1. Hi i am new to all of this blogging . In fact I am new to this whole spiritual thing that has been happening to me . I really could use some guidance if u or if u know of any one who could help me I would GREATLY appreciate it 🙂 Love & Light DEB thank you

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  2. Blaming is different from accepting. Sometimes it is out of your hands. The only thing you can do I react in a way that is positive for what your ideal outcome would be. It’s hard not to blame someone else for our problems. But accepting them as part of life and something that you learn and grow from is what I think you’re saying and what I agree with! Relationships are full of troubles and up and downs. But a relationship is an agreement between two people to get through those things together. And accepting instead of blaming will get you both much farther.


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