My heart longs for the memories that I never got to make with you…
My soul cries for the future I had painted that was simply washed away…
Missing the parts that never happened…
Wiping my tears with a cloth full of regrets…
My heart not whole, my mind in turmoil
Sometimes I lose who I am.
In the end I see a light…
She is dim but I know she is there…
In time my soul will heal
Until then… I will try to numb what I feel



3 thoughts on “.memories

  1. Never lose hope. Maybe one day the person that holds the largest part of your heart will come home again. Have faith in the impossible. My dad always told me impossible really means
    I’M POSSIBLE. and since I am universal and magical that means everything and anything is POSSIBLE:) Namaste, miss Fox!

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  2. There is always hope Sarah! Either way, whatever comes is welcomed by me. Everyday gives opportunity to learn and grow and experience new things.
    Anything is possible if you want it to be. Your dad was right, we are all just extensions of the universe. We are all one and everything at the same time.


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