A broken down me
Was what it took
To find who I had become
And as the pieces slowly reconciled
Who I chose to be
Became my true identity

It wasn’t until I had fallen apart
And my knees were on the ground
That I saw inside
And wasn’t happy with I found…

So mending back together
The best pieces left of me
And leaving aside the atrocities
… A complicated task
But one that will set me free

A whirlwind of light, of first times and new beginnings…
A chance to push aside my fears
A chance to wipe away the tears…

The person I once called me
Is someone who I choose not to be
The person I now call me
Will take a challenge and embrace it
The person I now call me
Has what it takes to make it

Each moment a beautiful new sign
For what is ahead in time…
The me I am is one I love
The me I am is one I respect
The me I am is ready to connect
With the person inside who was there all along. -Jane Fox ©



4 thoughts on “.inside

  1. There it is again! “It’s through pain that we understand what love really is. It’s through loss and through struggle that we understand humility. It’s through destruction that we discover beauty. “(not sure who the author but I love that quote)

    Everyone has a story. Everyone has been hurt. You relate to the people of this world because you find words that speak to us in our own way. Your ‘me’ is me!!
    Namaste, miss Fox, namaste!!

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  2. Love hurts. It breaks you down and tears you up. It can be the worst and best thing that ever happened to you all at once. And no love will ever be the same as the next. When you really find love, the rare kind, if you find it, keep it. So everything you can to nurture it. It doesn’t come around often. And it will leave you in pieces when it’s gone. From experience i know that true love is a once in a lifetime gift.

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    1. Debbie, I agree full heartedly. Once you have found such a rare stone as true love… As your other half… Your twin flame… Do whatever you can to cherish and nuture that beautiful gift. It takes humility and sacrifice but the outcome is bliss. Continuously.
      I lost mine. Due to selfishness and other actions that both parties contributed to; the love is still there but the relationship is not. And it left me in shambles. I’m left with mountains of regret and sorrow.
      Cherish the love you find.
      Thanks for sharing. Namaste!


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