.the f word

To forgive someone else is almost as hard as rewinding your life and starting over. In other words it’s nearly impossible unless you understand what forgiveness really is.
There is no universal route to forgiveness. There is no instruction packet that you can whip out when you’ve forgotten how.
But choosing to forgive is an endeavor that you need to be prepared for.
If you have to forgive, it goes without saying that you’ve been hurt. Either intentionally or not, you are making a conscious decision to let the love of both yourself and the offending party outweigh the pain.
Forgiveness doesn’t wipe away the pain or the memories but it allows space for understanding and acceptance of whatever has transpired.

Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been any different.

If it could have been…. It would have been.
Once you make that choice, you now have to realize that your forgiveness goes beyond the other party. You have to forgive yourself as well.

Letting go of that pain that’s associated with the what ifs and why me tangents that our tangled minds construe will allow your heart to be present in the moment and absorb the reasons you choose to forgive in the first place.

Love will overcome anything and everything. Love will always find a way. Whether it be for a friend, family member, a partner, yourself or even a stranger…. Take a leap of faith and choose to be present. If you want love, let go of the past.
Let love rule.



One thought on “.the f word

  1. Forgivenes is different for everyone. And the way we forgive people is different every time. Just like no two loves are the same.
    You forgive others and forgive yourself to make peace But the best peace is the relief of Letting go of that grudge within yourself. If we want forgivenes we have to forgive.
    I held onto a grudge for years against my ex husband and after I realized it was hurting me more than him I finally let go of it. And it was the best thing I’ve done for me in my life.


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