.broken toys

The little girl who grew up too fast
Always picking up the mess after others…

She learned to be a servant first
And not to forget to wear her plastic smile
She played with beaten down toys
And grew up surrounding herself
With broken boys
Always hoping to fix them…

She didn’t realize until it was too late
That the fixing wasn’t for them
That she needed someone
Who wasn’t broken like her
She found though, that no one would put her as priority
As she did the broken boys…

With no one to clean up her mess
She wiped away her tearful memories
And questioned the massive amounts of fears
Questioning her own sanity
Digging for more truths
Of the unconventional reality
That was bestowed upon her roots
The broken down girl
With her head in her hands
Wanted to feel secure
In herself or anyone else that wouldn’t
Use her for that plastic smile
And for her servant perks
For a moment to cherish and feel cherished
For a moment to prove that there is more to life….
And once and for all to throw away her tear stained strife.



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