.only yesterday

It was only yesterday
That today was just a dream
Plots sketched out in my journal
It was all a scheme…

How today seemed so lovely
Another chance to get it right
But now today seems to be
Another yesterday come night…

Nothing achieved
My plans didn’t succeed
I had the time I wished…
But it all went down the drain

Because today, like yesterday…
I was planning for the next
Missing opportunities…
Scheming out my day…
Making sure it won’t go wrong…
That it will be THE day

My dreams of tomorrow never seem to fade
But as always…
My regrets of yesterday come in every single shade…

Even though tomorrow will soon be in the past…
I hope I find a way to really make it last…
Because the love I have for tomorrow
Is one I’ll never know
Unless I meet the day, greet her well
And simply make her home…

Home for my soul
For the hours that I’m blessed
A chance to make up for yesterday,
A chance to set it right…
To journal all my doings
In a brighter, bolder light


3 thoughts on “.only yesterday

  1. It was only yesterday that you thought you had nothing more to give. You were knocked down and your hope was faint. But here you are in today still kicking just as hard. And you know that tomorrow may not come, so you kick with all you have! Tomorrow is not a promise. It takes hope and some sort of faith to plan for tomorrow but it also takes faith to use the tools you have right now to start building today.
    It’s all connected and it Will all come together. Don’t stop dreaming of tomorrow. Your dreams are what make it real.

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