.the art of my life


Most people question what kind of legacy they will leave behind….

I don’t care too much about my legacy from someone else’s eyes but I do want to look back at my life and be proud of the art it created.

As an artist I love to create things… Music, poetry, jewelry, and visual art.
But I also realize that I create my own life.
Everyday is another brush stroke on my work of life. I want it to be beautiful.
My life has had a lot of dark moments but it has also had a lot of beautiful, bright moments too.
I want them to mesh and build and layer upon each other because that is what has created the person I am today.
I don’t look at my faults or shortcomings as such, I look at them as one area of my picture that is needed to make the lighter parts stand out.
The best parts of my life are when another artist comes in and paints part of their picture with mine… My children and their love brighten all areas, my partner meshes with my patterns and adds a level of bold vibrant colors… it keeps getting more and more detailed.
I want to look back and remember every stroke, to realize the importance of every color and every twist and turn.

It might look like a big mess to you, but to me…. It is beautiful. And it is the life I call my own.


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