.to my lost lover

It was you and always you
The one I held so high
Imperfections were present
But they never made me fly

I thought I gave it all to you
My hopes, my dreams, my worst fears

I failed at being the best I could
I fell short of your expectations
I thought with all my heart I could…
But I was only me…

I tried to be a better version
I tried to love you more
Yet still, I made you run… right out the front door…

The answers to my prayers, you were.           But I to you, was the cloud in front of your sun.

You loved me.
I know you did.
And my heart will forever have a place in you.

But I wasn’t enough.
I’m sorry I let you down…
I’m sorry I lost my way…

To my lover, I would have died for you
I would have given all for you
I was waiting for that day

What’s left now is two broken hearts
navigating through the endless trails of lost hope and regrets…
I wish you would have held on longer. I wish you wouldn’t have strayed.
I wish I could have shown you my heart and treat you to the best of days…

And so, my lover I let you go
In sorrow I ask you to hold
The memories that won’t leave my side
The heartache that resides in my soul

You’ll always be the one I wanted
You’ll always hold that part
You’ll always be….
What meant most

But now our paths have changed and the wind has set you free



5 thoughts on “.to my lost lover

  1. How painful to let go of the one you love. A broken heart can’t be fixed. But don’t lose faith, it doesn’t need to be replaced. Gather the pieces and create something. A new heart with new hope and new things to look forward to. It will be different and scary maybe. But it is the only option apart from losing all faith. Trust in God. Give it all to him. There is a reason for everything. I’ve learned through experience. You’ll see.
    Thank you for sharing!!! Beautiful!

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  2. Thank you Sarah!
    The pieces will eventually make their way back home, but as you stated the end product will be something new. Deciding what that end product will look and feel like and how vunerable it will be is the next step…
    Here’s to new journeys!


  3. A lost love is always only as lost as we allow it to be. Love never dies it will change a lot but it don’t end. That’s why you hear about people who are divorced and still come back to care for their ex when they’ve fallen ill. Unfortunately it can also be why you hear about exes still bashing each other after years of separation. Because the relationship has changed but the link that makes that other person prominent is still there. That link is usually love, it lasts longer than hate and is way stronger.

    Your words share a sadness but they also share a deep love. Maybe that love and that lover isn’t really lost. They can always live deep inside of us and if each party feels the same there’s always a chance for reconnecting. Never underestimate the power of love. It is beyond the understanding of us mere mortals.

    Keep loving miss Fox, don’t let your love light dwindle, maybe you will love another the same or more than this love that you feel is lost, but remember even if you don’t, this love has obviously been very real and deep for you so it doesn’t ever have to go away.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. They inspire me. It was and is very real, this love I experienced. I can’t hold onto the hope of it ever coming full circle again but I do want to hold onto and cherish that magic. It changed my very existence. And so I will always hold it dear.


  4. Well put. Its important to take responsibility for your own part of the demise of any relationship whether it be friend, family or partner. I’ve been selfish and took him for granted as well. There are always two sides to every story. And two souls and hearts that need nurturing… its hard work to make a relationship work and as you said there is no room for ego. It’s a sad lesson that most of use learn through experience.


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