Most of the time I do my best at living in the moment. Embracing what is no matter what it took to get here. My fears of collapse cause me to clench onto all that I know and have in hopes of not letting my fleeting moments of happiness continue to…. fleet.

Life doesn’t make sense in the moment, and when it does, it only makes sense if things feel like they are lining up the way you had hoped. When things are hard, or things are troubled, we question everything…. Absolutely everything.

As of late, I’ve been able to step outside of my reality even during the good times and evaluate the outcome of my current…. I see the end picture but the path to get there is still blurry. Am I doing things right?

How can one be happy and sad at the same time? How can I  be scared and confident all at once?

Life makes no sense and so much sense all at the same time. Life. Moments. Peace. Turmoil. Happiness. Fear. Pain. Joy. Inspiration…. circling through my mind. Enveloping my heart. Cycling through my now.

But why? Where do I go from here?


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