.He is


Trapped in a body with so many limits
He struggles to find a rhythm that fits
The winding roads that lead him to nowhere…
It all builds up and causes him to question his sanity.
He wasn’t made for this world…
He doesn’t see what I see…
The strength, the wisdom, his divine being.

He bends and twists and still can’t fit
His heart aches for more…
His mind dissects it all…
His drive fuels his fire
But his anguish causes him to swim…
In a sea of uncertainties and questions of humanity and the realism of it all.

What is happiness for a man so unconventional?
How is peace of mind achieved?
His reasoning and expectations so far beyond his grasp…
He is living in his dreams…

His body now holds him…
Here in this place
His mind knows the truth
His soul wanders in space…
Calming his spirit;
As easy as taming a lion
He pretends to be average
But he can’t hide his shine…
The truth is….
He is truly divine

The truth is… He needs to shine

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