.on father’s day


To a father who….
Never gives his children a reason to be scared
And always teaches them to be prepared
A father who….
Learned to love unconditionally
Who gathered lessons as he walked through life
Who never gave up no matter how hard the fight

A father who inspires me
One who all should try to be…
A friend, a brother, a father and a lover
He never seems to fail….

To a father who is his child’s best friend
A father who will be there until the end
The hero in so many eyes
One who often wears the disguise
Of the every day man who he is truly not

A man that can be counted on
One who is always strong
The one who always second guesses himself
And doesn’t see what the rest of us do
Is a father to not just his own but to you too

Happy father’s day to the modern day Superman! Happy father’s day darling, I love you!



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