.a truth about love

Someone I love dearly rocked my perspective of love recently in how it is a mutual effort between two parties to maintain a healthy relationship; As they have to tend to the other party and continuously put the other first all while maintaining self love in order for it to succeed.
Although this is true and a mutual effort is indeed needed. The words that stopped my super-speed mind from racing were…

The relationship is a third party. It is a living, breathing thing. You have to nurture it just as you would a baby to make it thrive.

I had never looked at this way. It was always two people.
But now my mind has absorbed this vision of two souls nurturing their beautiful flame of love, their beautiful baby. And as much time and love and respect that you naturally give to your other half, so to shall you shower your “love baby” in order to see it grow.
Perhaps these words put a visual to the word love for me (I’m a visual learner) and this is why it stuck… But perhaps this beautiful mind that shared his words with me was spot on and deserves a platform to teach this unique way to approaching relationships.
Either way…. This might be the first love triangle I’m willing and eager to be part of!

“And so it was upon his chest that my soul found a home. His heart beating to the rhythm of mine… At last I’ve met the missing part of me” – Jane Fox ©


4 thoughts on “.a truth about love

  1. ….it’s true that a relationship needs to be nurtured. It should be treated with respect and dignity as well. Looking at it as a living thing allows for consideration that may otherwise be absent. Anything worth wanting is worth working for, anything worth having is worth maintaining. If you find yourself ready to attempt a relationship, being prepared to maintain it entails more than a desire to have it. Treat it well and watch it grow, respect it and watch it thrive. Love is the greatest nourishment there is…

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  2. All very true. Anything worth loving is worth working for. Love, if unconditional will never fade, but a relationship can and will disinigrate if you don’t tend to it. In the end love will always prevail.
    And to quote you… Love is the greatest nourshiment and yet love needs to be nourished. Therefore all you need is love 🙂 namaste!


  3. Yes!!! This is great! Take care of that baby! It will grow and change and the needs of it will change as it grows. The perfect love triangle ❤ Namsafe, miss Fox!


  4. Yes!!! This is great! Take care of that baby! It will grow and change and the needs of it will change as it grows. The perfect love triangle ❤ Namaste, miss Fox!

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